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    Faith-Based Counseling

    You may be seeking counsel to repair or improve your marriage, to personally recover from trauma, deal with depression or anxiety, or get help for your teenager.

    Perhaps you are struggling to hear God’s voice and make good decisions in a critical area of your life.

    Whatever has brought you here, we know how important it is that the counsel you receive is grounded in God’s Word and consistent with your beliefs. We are equipped to provide counseling that is grounded in biblical truth for couples, individuals, and families that are seeking a Christian perspective in their counseling.

    While knowing that you are receiving Christian counseling is a great comfort, the journey of therapy can still be difficult. Sometimes you may have to face hard things. At other times your therapist may challenge you.

    Evidence Based-Counseling Methods

    The evidence based-counseling methods we use at Live Oak Counseling Services mesh beautifully with what Scripture teaches us about who God is and who we are. In your therapy sessions you will have a safe and welcoming space to discuss whatever struggles and difficulties you are facing and receive counsel that aligns with your beliefs and worldview.

    Customized Care To Fit Your Beliefs

    The degree to which your sessions involve biblical perspective will depend on where you or your family members are in your spiritual development. This is something you can discuss with your therapist to make sure that the counsel you are receiving is best suited for your own life.

    Develop Your Spiritual Life

    We understand that personal growth and spiritual development go hand in hand. Grow your relationship with God, yourself, and those in your life.