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    Hayley Kingry, Counseling Intern


    Hello friend!  I am a counseling intern here at Live Oak Counseling and am accepting new clients. I have a passion for working with children (8-12). adolescents (ages 13-17), and young adults (18-25) who may need additional support navigating stress, depression, anxiety, life-adjustment, ADHD, ASD, and trauma-related symptoms. I also work with adults with a wide range of concerns, spanning from depression to anxiety.

    My therapeutic framework is very eclectic. It takes principles and concepts from various traditional therapies, blending them with more holistic therapy practices to best support overall mind, body, and spiritual wellness. I am pursuing my Master of Science in Clinical Counseling Psychology at Brenau University and a Certification Program in Dance/Movement Therapy. I spent over twenty years in the dance world and fell in love learning about psychology in college. Now, my goal is to meld my passions for mental health wellness, education/research and expressive art therapies to work with individuals on developing overall psychological, emotional, and physical well-being. 

    I am a mother, a wife and a homemaker. I love being outdoors and working with my hands in the garden or with my chickens. Cultivating a life of balance has been really difficult navigating through big seasons of change and growth, but has added so much color and depth in my everyday life. Learning new skills and creating new hobbies has been so rewarding and nourishing for the soul. Having worked through and navigated my own mental health challenges, it has allowed me to develop a passion and drive to assist and walk alongside others through their own wellness journeys.

    Hayley is currently under the supervision of Amber Flannery, MA, LPC, CPCS.

    LPC # 011880 CPCS # 4343